Majesty Uplift Citrus bath bomb

$17.50 each

Majesty Bath Bomb Relax Lavender

$20.00 each

Apothecanna Everyday THC/CBD Lotion med


Apothecanna relieveing or Everyday CBD/THC lotion lg

$58.00 each

THC Body Lotion 200mg per jar

$50.00 each

Empower Topical Relief Oil .30oz

$39.00 each

Medium Sacred Herb THC Pain Stick


Medium Sacred Herb CBD Pain Stick


Sacred Herb Medicinals CBD lotion

$35.00 4oz $25.00 2oz

Sared Herb Medicinals THC lotion

$40.00 4oz

Sacred Herb Medicinals Medium CBD Pain Stick

$32.50 each

Sacred Herb Medicinals Intimate Oil 4.19mg THC

$32.50 each

Mini Sacred Herb Medicinals THC Pain Stick


Sacred Herb Extra Strength 1:1 Large Lotion


Sacred Herb Mint Chap Stick

$8.00 each

RA Cannabis 1:1 Lotion 272mgTHC 270mg CBD

$62.00 each

High Desert relief stick

$24.00 each

High Desert Relief Mountain Rain Aloe Gel

$38.00 4oz

High Desert Relief Menthol Clinical Strength 527mgTHC 515mgCBD


High Desert Relief Light Tropic Lotion 124mgTHC 114mgCBD

$24.00 3.5oz

Revolution Green Original formula or Heat Wave

$24.00 each

Revolution Green lotion Fire And Ice

$34.00 each

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