Brenda's Lollipop
Various FLavors
Up to 50mg THC
$7.50 each

Chalice/Golden Fruit Chews

10 Pack
Up to 50mgTHC

(I) Tropical
(2:1) Kiwi Strawberry
(10:1 CBD) Lemon Ginger

(S) Tangerine

$16.50 each


 (CBD) Green Apple 50mgCBD

$14.00 each


Fruit Blasts Singles
Up to 50mgTHC

(S) Black Cherry, (S) Tangerine, (I) Tropical, (10:1 CBD) Lemon Ginger, (H) Mocha

$6.00 each




Various Flavors

$6.00 each

Fire Dept


Various Cookies
$6.00 each



CBD Honey Sticks 10mgCBD

$3.00 each

Gummy Buds
Up to 50mgTHC

(S) Citrus Mango, (H) Peach Razz, (I) Wild Berry
$12.00 each


(CBD) Lemon Lime
$8.00 each


(H) Paradise Punch (I) Wild Berry
$5.50 each


Hush Singles 

Up to 50mgTHC

(H) Mango Lemonade
(H) Strawberry Limeade
(H) Marrionberry

$5.00 each

Hot Box
Yumba Junk

Compressed Sugar
Up to 50mgTHC

$16.00 each

Laurie & Mary Jane

Bites, Truffles, Cakes

Up to 50mgTHC

Various Flavors

$20.00 each



Various Flavors

$12.00 each


Fudge Yourself
(1:1) Chocolate Orange
$10.00 each


(H) Chocolate Peanut Butter, (I) Double Chocolate Chill, (S) Double Chocolate Charge
$8.00 each


Confetti Cookies

$6.00 each

Mellow Vibe Jellies

Up to 50mgTHC

Summer Peach

Mixed Berry

$12.00 pkg



Tropical Fusion
$6.00 each 



Up to 50mgTHC

Kettle Corn

$8.50 each

 (ON SALE) Pacific Wave

Up to 50mgTHC

Caramel, Peanut Butter Avalanche, Toffee Crunch, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Taffy

$4.50 each

Rebel Roots 

(S) Lucent Dream 773.9mgTHC, 5.3mgCBC, 3mgCBN, 10.66mgCBG
(H) Strawberry Guava 744.2mgTHC, 7.9mg CBD, 15.6mgCBC, 1.5mgCBN, 40.4mgCBG
(I) Sapphire Wedding Cake 664.8mgTHC, 11.3mgCBD, 10.6mgCBC, 2.6mgCBN, 16.6mgCBG
(I) Pennywise 1:1 366.1mgTHC, 317.9mgCBD, 36.1mgCBC, 16.46mgCBG
$21.00 gram


Funny Honey 47mgTHC 27mgCBD

$12 gram



Lemon 500mgCBD
Elderberry 488mgCBD, 100mgCBN
$35.00 pkg


Up to 50mg THC

(THC:CBD) Pomegranate 1:1, (THC:CBG) Pear 1:1

$23.00 pkg


Up to 50mg THC 

(H) Huckleberry, (I) Marionberry (S) Raspberry 
(CBD:THC) Strawberry
(CBD:THC) Peach

$20.00 pkg


White Chocolate
up to 50mg THC
(I) Peach White Chocolate
(S) Blood Orange White Chocolate
$21.00 pkg


Sparkling Hemp Water
Various Flavors

$4.25 each