Blaze Mellow Vibes Jellies 48mg THC pkg

$14.00 each

Blaze Cokies and Cream White Chocolate Single Serv 50mgTHC

$8.25 each

Blaze CBD Milk Chocolate Bar 47.8mg CBD

$14.00 each

Blaze Maple Bacon Chocolate Bar 50mg THC

$13.25 Each

Ra Cannabis Orange Chocolate Squares 45mgTHC

$14.00 each

Tasty's Pineapple Gummies 50mgTHC

$12.50 each

Chocowanna Orange Chocolate Bar 53mg THC

$15.75 each

Pot Sauce Hot Sauce 50mg THC

$6.00 each

Sandies Hard Candy 100mg CBD

$7.50 each

Peanut Brittle CBD, THC, Or 1:1


Honu Singles Dark Chocolate Cherry or Orange Dreamsicle 50mg THC


Gron Bliss Gummies 50mgTHC 100mg CBD

$22.00 each

Dot Com Bomb Assorted flavors 50mg THC


Viotonic Green Apple 50mg THC

$15.00 each

Top Hat Tropical Tarts 48.85 THC

$14.50 each

Laurie and Maryjane Fudge Yourself Chill/ Charge/ Orange Cream 50mg THC

$8.00 each

Golden Tropical Fruit Chew Blast 50mg THC

$6.00 each

Golden Tangerine Fruit Chew Blast 50mg THC

$6.00 each

Elitextrx 1:1 Milk or Dark Chocolate single 50mg

$10.00 gram

Top Hat Tangerine Cream 47.83%THC

$14.00 each

Top Hat Indica Marrion Berry Pie 50mg THC

$14.00 each

Top Hat Sativa Jalapeno Lime 50mgTHC

$14.00 each

Golden CBD Green Apple Fruit Chews 123mgCBD

$16.00 each

Golden Tangerine Fruit Chews 50mgTHC

$16.50 each

Dark Chocolate salty Potatochip Bar 50mgTHC

$24.00 each

Dark Chocolate English Toffee Bar 50mg THC

$24.00 each

Lux Almond Butter 9.74mg THC per

$3.25 each

Gummy Buds 50mg THC Cherry Berry, Raspberry, CBD Strawberry Banana

THC $16.00 each and CBD $20.00 each

Majik Chocolate Chip Cookies 50mgTHC

$12.00 each

Blackberry Lemon Syrup 50mg


Lux Almond Butter 1.27 Oz 50mg THC

$12.50 Each

WYLD Pomegranate Gummies 5mgTHC 4.87mgCBD per/serv 50mgTHC 48.7mgCBD per/pkg

$26.50 Each

Wyld Gummies Raspberry sativa, 50mg pkg

$22.50 Each

Gron 1:1 45mgTHC 46mg CBD Dark Chocolate Sea Salt


Gron Pure CBD Dark Chocolate Bar

$20.00 Each

Lux Almond Butter 6.52 oz 50mg THC

$27.00 each

Wyld CBD Strawberry Gummies 1.16mg THC 11.14mg CBD


Enjoy Cannabis Shots Sativa citrus, strawberry limeade, Hybrid Punch50mgTHC and 1:1 THC/CBD

$12.75 each

Laurie & Mary jane Cheesy Crackers 50mgTHC

$20.00 each

Golden 1:1 Acai Berry Fruit Chews 50mgTHC 50mgCBD

$21.00 each

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