Spray 14.1mgTHC 250mgCBD

$14.00 each


CBD Tincture 1000mgCBD Unflavored

$50.00 each

Hush Sizzrup

Blood Orange, Marionberry, Pineapple Passion up to 1000mgTHC

$48.00 each


Marionberry 1:1 up to 500mgTHC 500mgCBD

$48.00 each


Pineapple Passion 250mgTHC

Marionberry 1:1 125mgTHC 125mgCBD

$16.00 each

Sun God Tincture Heka

Sativa THC Tincture 504mgTHC

$24.00 each


Drops up to 2000mgTHC

$50.00 each

RA Cannabis

THC:CBD Tincture (S) 312.48mgTHC 337.12mgCBD

$50.00 each

Green Dragon

THC Tincture 1000mgTHC

$50.00.00 each

RA Hemp Classic

CBD Tincture 1000mgCBD

$50.00 each

Hercules Tincture

 (S) 14.63mgTHC 546mgCBD

 (I) 15.6mgTHC 526.5mgCBD

$40.00 each


Capsules 6.96mgTHC 186.64mgCBD

$20.00 each

Prasada Oil

1:1 336mgTHC 356mgCBD

$28.00 each

Rebel Roots


 (H) Berry Walker 70.87%THC

 $20.00 gram


Unflavored CBD Drops 5000mgCBD

$95.00 each


Unflavored THC drops up to 2000mgTHC

Unflavored 1:1 500mgTHC 500mgCBD

$48.00 each


Unflavored or Peppermint CBD Drops 1000mgCBD

$40.00 each