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Dr. Jolly's

CBD 1:1 Tincture 450.6mgTHC/489.3mgCBD

$35.00 each

CBD MAX tincture 1000mgCBD

$30.00 each

Farmer's Friend

Full Spectrum

Unflavored Tincture

1:1:1 CBN:CBD:THC 550mg

$65.00 each

1:1 CBG:THC 600mg

$56.00 each

1:1:1 CBN:CBD:THC 600mg

$38.00 each

1:1 CBG:THC 275mg

$33.00 each

High Desert Pure

(I) Nano Chill Mango Elixir 585.6mgTHC

(S) Nano Boost Pineapple Elixir 509.2mgTHC

(H) Nano Blend Mango Pineapple Elixir 366.9mgTHC/419mgCBD

$29.50 each

Holy Water

(S) 100mgTHC:100mgCBG

(I) 100mgTHC:100mgCBN

$20.00 each

Mellow Vibes

Up to 1000mgTHC

(H) Mango Guava

$58.00 each


Unflavored CBD 5000mgCBD

$70.00 each

Unflavored CBD 2000mgCBD

$56.00 each

Unflavored 1:1 500mgTHC 500mgCBD

Unflavored 4:1 180mgTHC 811mgCBD
$48.00 each

Unflavored 1000mg THC

Unflavored 18:1 915mgCBD 52.20mgTHC
$46.00 each

Lavender 1000mgCBD

$36.00 each

Peppermint 1000mgCBD

Unflavored 1000mgCBD

$32.00 each

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