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Biri Fafa

Infused Pack

(S) Sour Diesel 80.64%THC

4 Pack .5g Prerolls

$20.00 pack



(S) Maui Wowie 30.55%THC

10 Pack .5g Prerolls

$24.00 pack

(S) Cap Junky 28.4%THC

(I) Jelly Truffel 28.8%THC

2 Pack .5g Prerolls

$6.00 pack

Drewby Doobie

(I) Grapes & Cream 28.08%THC

10 Pack .5 gram Prerolls

$14.50 pack

Feel Goods

4 Strain Pack

(H) Rainbow Sherbert 22.23%THC/(H) Dosi Kush Mintz 35.22%THC/(I) Purple Punchsicle 20.39%THC/(I) Grape Gas 23.70%THC

40 pack .5g prerolls

$59.00 pack

2 Strain Pack

(H) Super Boof 27.90%THC/(I) Wedding Cake 28.35%THC

(S) Divine Storm 25.97%THC/(I) Blue Float 33.83%THC

20 pack .5g prerolls

$34.00 pack

(I) Jhonny Burger 28.84%THC

2 Pack 1g Prerolls

$8.00 pack

Fire Dept.

(S) Wifi OG 29.04%THC

(H) Super Runtz 34.80%THC

(H) Time Out 32.42%THC

10 Pack 1g Prerolls (lighter included)

$30.00 pack

(S) Lemon Royale 33.10%THC

(S) Wifi OG 27.74%THC

(H) Pink Runtz 28.18%THC

(H) Gary Payton 30.26%THC

(I) Blue Float 31.64%THC

10 Pack .5g Prerolls

$20.00 pack


Flavored Infused

Variety Pack

(I) Grape

.5 Preroll 5 Pack

$15.00 pack

(S) Tropacalez Punch 27.0%THC

(H) Pina Coladaz 23.7%THC

(I) Razberry Blitz 24.5%THC

(I) Grape Stomper 22.9%THC

.5g Infused Preroll

$5.00 each


(H) BB3 x Gelato 33 446.98mgTHC

1.38g Infused Preroll

$8.50 each 

Iconic Blunts

(H) Apple Fritter 28.86%THC

(H) Daily Grapes 24.46%THC

(H) Red Runtz 28.12%THC

(I) Papaya Syrup #1 28.37%THC

(I) Pure Blanco 31%THC

(S) Super Glue 24.2%THC

1g Hemp Wrapped Blunts

$7.00 each

Karma Original

(H) Triple Burger 32.1%THC

2 Pack .5g Prerolls

$4.50 pack

Killa Bees

3 Strain Packs

(S) Acai Sherbert 22.95%THC/(H) Papaya 28.05%THC/(I) Grease Dragon 30.7%THC

12 Pack .5g Prerolls

$24.00 pack

Strain Specific Packs

(S) Sourdough 24.72%THC

(I) Grease Dragon 30.70%THC

6 Pack .5g Prerolls

$12.00 Pack

Infused Blunts

(S) Bahama Mama 66.0%THC

(I) Jealousy 41.9%THC

2 Pack .71g Blunts

$12.00 pack

Infused Preroll

Don Mega 34.35%THC

.71g Preroll

$6.00 each


(S) A.T.F 29.29%THC

(H) Illikol 27.30%THC

(H) C.R.E.A.M. 25.20%THC

(I) Grease Dragon 30.70%THC

(I) Gumbo 28.80%THC

2 pack .5g Prerolls

$4.20 each

Smokes by the Grow

(H) Candy Gelato 27.44%THC

10 Pack 1g Prerolls 

$27.50 pack

(S) Cinna Bomb 25.80%THC

(S) Bend Over Jane 25.98%THC

(S) Silver Haze 25.03%THC

(H) Gelato Cake 25.17%THC

(H) Black Runtz 26.06%THC

(I) Nice 26.81%THC

(I) Deadman's Candy 25.65%THC

10 Pack .5g Prerolls

$17.00 pack


Variety Pack

(IH) Upper Cut 25.79%THC/(H) Tally Man 26.21%THC

10 Pack .5g Prerolls

$19.00 pack

(H) Sundae Driver 18.18%THC

10 Pack .5g Prerolls

$12.00 Pack

Vernonia's Natural Choice

In-House Made Preroll Pack

(I) Modified Grapes 27.63%THC

5 Pack 1 Gram Prerolls

$20.00 pack

(I) Dosi-Sherbert 27.18%THC

5 Pack .5g Prerolls

$15.00 pack

(I) Blue Magoo 17.55%THC

5 Pack .5g Prerolls

$12.00 pack

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