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Loki Drops 2000mg CBD

$72.00 each

Green Earth Tincture 1400mg CBD

$60.00 each

Select 1:1 Tincture 1510mgTHC 531mgCBD

$70.00 each

Select CBD Tincture 1000mg CBD

$60.00 each

1:1 Indica Tincture 325mgTHC 325mgCBD

$52.00 each

DR. Jolly's MCT Tincture 33mgTHC 279mgCBD

$25.00 each

Gron Deepest Darkest Chocolate Bar 100mgCBD

$20.00 each

Gron Magical Milk Chocolate Bar 100mgCBD

$20.00 each

Gron CBD Tincture 1000mg CBD

$50.00 each

DR. Jolly's CBD Honey Tincture 34.4mgTHC 251.4mgCBD

$25.00 each

Cannabull capsules 40mgTHC 55mgCBD pkg

$10.00 each

WYLD Pomegranate Gummie 5mg THC 4.87mgCBD per/serv 50mg THC 48.7mg CBD per/pkg

$26.50 each

Periodic Edibles CBD Salted Caramels 15mg THC 25mg CBD

$13.50 Each

Wyld CBD Strawberry Gummies 1.16mg THC 11.14mg CBD

$22.50 each

Empower Topical Relief Oil .30oz and 1oz sizes

$39.00 and $84.00 each

Gron 1:1 Dark Chocolate Bar w/ sea salt 45mg THC 46mg CBD

$17.50 each

Ra Hemp Indica 400mgCBD Tincture

$37.50 each

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